HEAR360 Unveils 8ball Microphone for VR Filmmakers

We long stated at VRFocus that audio in plays an important part in virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree content. 360 cameras have microphones built-in specifically design to capture immersive sound but there are also third-party options. HEAR360, a Los Angeles-based hardware and software company, has unveiled its latest product, a microphone called 8ball.

HEAR360 has now opened its beta programme for 8ball, inviting cinematic 360-degree filmmakers to demonstrate spatial audio in exchange for a membership fee and feedback.


8ball is the company’s first product, a patent pending omni-binaural microphone and companion software. “We asked ‘What if we made it sound so real your mind believes you are there?’,” said Matt Marrin, CEO of HEAR360. “We didn’t know if it was possible when we started, but we’re thrilled with the quality of sound and natural head-tracking that you get with 8ball.”

The microphone works by clamping onto the 360-degree camera stand below the camera itself. “We decided to create a microphone that would expand the fidelity of a single source surround capture,” said Greg Morgenstein, CTO of HEAR360. “it had to be easy to use, quick to setup, and deliver the highest quality sound with the simplest post-production process.”

The company has been working to create a seamless experience across numerous VR platforms, with companion plugins for Unity and a workflow for Protools. HEAR360 will launch the software this year as H360suite.
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