Google on Pixel ‘Made for Mobile Virtual Reality’

Google has begun making its first announcements at its ‘Made By Google’ event today. The rumoured Pixel smartphone, which takes over from the Nexus brand has now been confirmed. Google’s Rick Osterloh took to the stage to make the hardware announcement saying the team were going to talk through five things about the new device one of those being virtual reality (VR).

On mentioning VR Osterloh said how Pixel was ‘made for mobile virtual reality’. He hasn’t gone into any further details just yet but in the background was the Daydream logo. Pixel has also been confirmed to be the first Google product confirmed for the new head-mounted display (HMD).


Daydream hasn’t yet been revealed at the event but with the logo appearing with the other Pixel features that announcement shouldn’t be too far away. Information Google is hopefully going to release will be the actual hardware look itself, the price and the launch date. So far on a single drawing for the headset has been shown and that was back in May at Google I/O. Earlier today VRFocus reported on a report rumouring the price to be around $79 USD. That would put it under Samsung Gear VR’s current price of $99.

There going to be a lot more VR news coming from Google today, so keep reading VRFocus for the latest updates.