Geomerics Release First Dev Diary For New VR Demo Looking at Effect of Lighting With Gameplay

Visuals are the most important aspect of virtual reality (VR) development, and one aspect that plays into this is the use of lighting – and that is exactly what Geomerics, which is a company under ARM, concentrates on. It has released its first dev diary in its new venture of VR development, and in this video you can see how two prototypes are important in the grand scheme of development.

As you can hear in the video below in the recorded demos in the dev diary created by Geomerics, there are three concepts that the company has looked at in terms of lighting in VR and how it can shape gameplay. These prototypes also resulted in the assessment of which VR platform would suit further developments best.

geomerics light demo

First, light and sound was tackled broadly by the initial prototype where the impact of both were assessed in VR. Users picked up a small glowing orb where it also emitted a buzzing sound, and reacted according to how they are used. This was said to add another dimesion to the experience in terms of spacial audio and understanding what was going on according to the light.

The second is of navigation and interaction, where users are to solve puzzles using light. This prototype is implemented in order to see hw torch light can be used in VR, but the team who took this on stretched it further and made an escape the room demo with just using light, as you can see above. The findings were mixed as it was said to not be intuitive to use, but encouraged users to engage in more interaction.

The third prototype dealt with gameplay and environment where illuminating balls aid players through a labyrinth, which resulted in a satisfying and intuitive experience.

All of these prototypes were tried with either the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, and it came that the Oculus Rift provided a great but basic experience, where the HTC Vive showed a lot of promise, resulting in the Vive being the target platform. Read more in the blog post made by Geomerics.

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