Gear VR Title Waddle Home Coming to PlayStation VR

Archiact Interactive originally launched its penguin-themed puzzle title Waddle Home back in November 2015 for the Samsung Gear VR. Then in July the studio ported the title over to HTC Vive, and today announced that PlayStation VR would also be getting a version.

Robyn Gummer, Marketing Manager for Archiact Interactive revealed the details on PlayStation.Blog saying: “One of the biggest changes that we’ve made since the original build is the incorporation of head and controller tracking. With VR head tracking, the levels in Waddle Home feel like a doll house in front of the player. They entice you to get up close, to move around, and investigate. We redesigned many levels to take advantage of this — hiding secret tunnels and building areas that you have to peer into in order to conquer the puzzle.”

Waddle Home - PSVR

During a testing phase for the new build the team discovered players wanted to interact with the scenery more, which Gummer explains: “we dedicated effort into creating fun interactions in the environment that could help players ease into the world. Experiences such as freezing the headset, hitting the spaceships, and splashing around or tracing shapes in the water also help to break up some of the challenging puzzles.”

Archiact Interactive will be launching Waddle Home this month for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) upcoming head-mounted display (HMD), but has yet specified a date.

PlayStation VR launches worldwide next week on Thursday, 13th October. The headset features a massive line-up of titles available for users who’ve pre-ordered the device with plenty more coming over the following months.

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