Gear VR Developers “Make Millions” As Oculus Invests in Them

Ruth Bram, Producer at Oculus, came on stage during the Oculus Connect 3 event to talk about how the investments made by Oculus into developers are making all the difference to the general volume of the store and how much developers are getting in return.

Bram explained that with the investment put in, developers (collectively, mind you) will receive million back: “We now have thousands of developers from around the world building experiences for our platform, and to help the mobile ecosystem grow we are working closely with you by providing millions of dollars of funding and engineering support. This investment is paying, developers are making millions on our platform, so we’re committed to helping you make more great titles.”


The way Oculus is continuting to help out developers is by funding third party developers to make the next wave of mobile experiences by spending over $50 million this year.

The plans seem to have spread further than simply just the mobile VR developers as Bram targets all devs: “We’re hoping many of the talented people and PC developers in the room will also start building for mobile”

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