DriveClub VR: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

As one of the launch titles for PlayStation VR, DriveClub VR is also one of the headsets biggest names to debut. The videogame features 28 Trophies to unlock and VRFocus has the full rundown below.

DriveClub VR was an initial tech demo for the head-mounted display (HMD), and now the launch title includes over 80 cars on more than 100 tracks. The videogame can be downloaded now for £29.99 GBP

DriveclubVR image 2

Full Trophy List:


Beat It – Beat your first Face-Off. – (Bronze)

Bring Me Solo And The Rookie – Win the ‘Red Hills Cup’ Event in Tour on Gold Star difficulty. – (Bronze)

DRIVECLUB™ Express – Stop and look at a Steam Train in Scotland. – (Bronze)

Flashback – Save a Replay at the end of an Event. – (Bronze)

Getting The Keys – Unlock your first car. – (Bronze)

Here Comes A New Challenger… – Win 2 of your own Solo Challenges after sending them to at least one other player. – (Bronze)

Phone Home – Stop and look at a Telephone Box in Scotland. – (Bronze)

Set A Drift – Using Single Event, setup and complete a Drift Event. – (Bronze)

Shooting Stars – Complete a Tour Event with the maximum number of available Stars. – (Bronze)

Soul Captured – Navigate through 20 viewing points in Inspection Mode. – (Bronze)

Virtual Sea Legs – Play 5 Events in Multiplayer. – (Bronze)

You’ve Never Used Them Before Complete your first Event. – (Bronze)

Lawnmower Man – Drive a total of 10 minutes whilst Off Track. – (Secret Bronze)


Ghost In The Drift – Score over 2501 fame for a single Drift Overdrive. – (Silver)

Gnome Me Gnome You – Stop and look at a Gnome in Japan. – (Silver)

Howl At The Moon – Win a Race at midnight in the W Motors Lykan HyperSport. – (Silver)

If I Only Had A Brain – Stop and look at a Scarecrow in Japan. – (Silver)

Jumpman – Collide with 10 roadside Barrier Barrels. – (Silver)

Superhighway Maintenance – Collide with 100 Road Signs. – (Silver)

Virtually A Pro – Win the ‘Hyper Tournament India’ Event in Tour on Gold Star difficulty. – (Silver)


Gotta Go Fast – Reach 210mph or 338 km/h. – (Gold)

How Fast Do You Wanna Go! – Complete a point to point Event with an Average Speed of 125mph or 202 km/h. – (Gold)

It’s All In The Wrists – Drift across 10 Race finish lines whilst in First position. – (Gold)

Outer Limits – Reach Driver Level 60. – (Gold)

Star Destroyer – Gain all Gold Stars in Tour. – (Gold)

Venomous – In Time Trial complete Tamil Nadu 01 in 01:16.000 or less with the Hennessey Venom GT. – (Gold)

When This Baby Hits… – Complete the ‘Great Scott’ Event’s objective Face-Off in Tour. – (Gold)


Virtuoso – Collect all of the other Trophies. – (Platinum)