Colourful VR FPS Quell 4D Comes to HTC Vive This Week

There are countless shooters that have come to the HTC Vive, and this is fact as multiple titles are added to the Steam Store every week. However, Rubycone is hoping to make some real impact, and judging by the aesthetics and features of Quell 4D, it is very much possible that it could do just that.

Taking on the role of Murderman, an elite soldier on a secret mission to destroy an ancient threat – an outbreak of mutated gene experiments, players play through a story-led FPS that is full of character. Looking at screenshots from the gameplay and its trailer you instantly get this air of how it is inspired by the retro look, but of course it is smoothed out to look much more modern.

quell 4d screenshot

The features of this title is something you don’t often hear, especially the origin of Murderman, as he is a war veteran who lost his legs and must subsequently ride a slime beast to get around. You will have a scientist side kick who is appointed by Mr President, and you will battle against Ratfoox Marines, Ninjas, Slug Drones, Beefcakes (not the good kind), and Ancient Triple Trunked Elephant Necro Shamans. Yes, you heard us right – Ancient Triple Trunked Elephant Necro Shamans.

There will be six guns, one hand reserved for grenade attacks, and three “incricate” bosses that are unique. Quell 4D also promises to be a game that challenges the player, so no easy gameplay here.

Quell 4D is to come out on 14th October, which is only a few days, and it is for the HTC Vive.

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