COLOPL Unveils The Rise of Captain Longbeard for HTC Vive

A lot of the news of late has revolved around the imminent release of PlayStation VR, Oculus Touch pre-orders and Google revealing the Daydream View head-mounted display (HMD). While it has been a little quieter on the HTC Vive front new videogames have been announced and today COLOPL NI has unveiled another. In what the studio calls ‘its most ambitious virtual reality (VR) release to date’, its revealed The Rise of Captain Longbeard.

A single-player pirate adventure videogame for HTC Vive, The Rise of Captain Longbeard puts players in the shoes of Robert Youngfellow who journey sees him go from landlubber into a feared pirate. Along the way players will have to deal with dangerous pirates, destructive sea monsters and other challenges as they hunt for treasure and glory.

The Rise of Captain Longbeard screenshot

“The Rise of Captain Longbeard promises to be the quintessential VR game experience,” said Jikhan Jung, CEO of Colopl NI.  “Complete immersion into a specific time and place in history, with the entire experience driven by a compelling narrative and an emotional connection to the main character.  All of this surrounds a variety of exciting in-game action and adventure that transports you back in time when pirates were lords of the seas.”

The Rise of Captain Longbeard will launch on Steam Early Access this holiday season and with it four main islands to explore along with over eight smaller islands. Take your ship from port to port using plundered treasure to upgrade weapons and items such as alcohol. Combat will involve both melee and ranged weaponry, using swords, pistols and more. And to test players pirating skills there will be marksmen challenges, hidden key puzzles and pure destruction to dish out.

The title is the third from COLOPL with previous releases being Cyberpong and Slot Tub Party. For all the latest news on The Rise of Captain Longbeard, keep reading VRFocus.