Catlateral Damage Will Get a Free Update For PlayStation VR For Launch

It is exactly a week until the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) and all of its launch games finally become available, and one title on the PlayStation 4 will be getting a free update to make sure that there is no chance in missing out, and that title is Catlateral Damage.

It was told to VRFocus that the PlayStation 4 version of Catlateral Damage will be getting PlayStation VR support as a free upgrade on 10th October, three days before the HMD and its other games are actually available.It will also be available in Japan on 13th October.

catlateral damage vr


The idea of the title is that you embody a destructive cat in first person, and in the PlayStation VR version players will be able to use the Move controllers to swat at things. You can move around just as cats do all while destroying precious collectables and expensive electronics from the bedroom to the kitchen. To make this title even more engaging, you can unlock and choose to play as different cats, as well as gain power ups.

Catlateral Damage, developed by Fire Hose Games, is already available for the HTC Vive.

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