Capcom Releases Vol 5 & 6 in its World of Resident Evil 7 Series

Last week VRFocus reported on videogame developer and publisher Capcom releasing four teaser trailers for the upcoming Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Today the company has unveiled the next two video shorts in the series, Vol.5 “Survival” and Vol.6 “Immortal”.

For these next two videos in the World of Resident Evil 7 series, Capcom showcases a more detailed look a the famous green herb and viewers also get to see one of the undead enemies they’ll be facing.

In Vol.5 “Survival” the player finds a green herb in a cabinet which is then combined with ‘Chem Fluid’. This combination creates ‘First Aid Med’, which the video shows: “Closes up wounds and promotes cell regeneration. Partially restores health.” In doing so the character then pours the resulting liquid over their arm. The footage doesn’t show how much this heals them – a watch can be seen in the early part flashing red – as it cuts out shortly afterwards.

While Vol.6 “Immortal” sees the player already in combat with an enemy brandishing a spiked gardening tool, taking some serious damage. But with one shot to the chest the assailant seems to go down, crumpling to the floor. But as with anything in Resident Evil, if something looks dead that’s not always the case.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard is due to launch on 24th January 2016 with support for PlayStation VR. For all the latest Resident Evil 7 biohazard news, keep reading VRFocus.