BMW’s Latest Motorcycle Concept Includes AR Glasses

When car manufacturers showcase their latest concept designs they’re always highly futuristic with the latest cutting edge technology. German automotive giant BMW is no different, but this weeks reveal wasn’t a car but a motorbike. Not only did the bike unveil the company’s latest ideas it also combined augmented reality (AR) tech to aid riders.

One of the main features on the BMW Motorrad, part of the Vision Next 100 Line, is the Flexframe which runs all the way from the front to the back supposedly helping adapt to road conditions. While the massive tyres make the bike so stable that it won’t tip over when sat on motionless. There’s also some clever engine technology being employed so the power plant moves with the bike for a smoother ride.

But its the glasses we’re most interested in. Utilising AR the glasses display all the information a rider needs directly in their field of view (FoV). But the info depends on where the riders gaze is. When it’s level the information is minimal, showing the bikes level and key road details such as upcoming corners. Then when they need it a rider can switch their gaze to access further information.

The BMW Motorrad is purely a concept at this stage but its certainly shows an interesting take on the future of motorcycles. Checkout the video below for a better look at the bike.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of AR tech, reporting back with the latest innovations.