Black Flaggers Pinball Seeks Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight Support

For indie developers getting their videogame project funded as well as noticed are just as important as getting the title made, which is why Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight are useful avenues to pursue. This week, Formslingers, a Berlin, Germany-based two brothers team has launched a crowd-funding campaign alongside a Greenlight one for its swashbuckling title Black Flaggers Pinball.

With a popular pirate theme, Black Flaggers Pinball features the usual mix of balls, flippers, kickers, lights, scoops, diverters, targets, ramps, bumpers, spinners and more, in a simulation inspired by decades of classic pinball gameplay.

Black Flaggers Pinball_Playfield

For the Kickstarter Formslingers is looking to raise €15,000 EUR by the 18th November. While the title at its core has been designed for standard PC monitors, the studio has also implemented virtual reality (VR) support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs).

The base backer tier is €10 for the Arcade Edition which doesn’t include VR support. For that backers will need to opt for the Pro Edition which is currently available for the same price as a limited quantity early bird special. Once the early bird tier has sold out the standard price for the Pro Edition is €15. Naturally there are higher tiers available adding extra incentives such as extra ball skins, access to the closed beta and a real silver Black Flaggers pirate skull ring.

Formslingers also has several stretch goals in place should the campaign be a success. After the initial €15,000 funding goal at €20,000 the developer will add further effects such as ball grabbing tornadoes and improved thunder and lightning. At €25,000 a sword fighting mini-game will be included, while at €35,000 a giant monster from the deep, the Leviathan, will be added. If the campaign manages to hit €75,000 then additional VR specific enhancements will be added.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Black Flaggers Pinball, reporting back with any updates on the campaign.