Björk Releases Teaser Trailer for VR Film ‘Family’

It was back in June that VRFocus first reported on Icelandic singer Björk planning a virtual reality (VR) album exhibition tied to her world tour for HTC Vive. The Björk Digital exhibition toured Sydney, Tokyo and London earlier this year and recently the artist released a teaser trailer for her VR film Family.

Family has been directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, with in collaboration Björk and James Merry, commissioned by Phoebe Greenberg and Penny Mancuso, from Montreal’s Phi Centre, and Red Bull Music Academy.

Bjork - Family image

Speaking to The Creators Project, Huang explained: “The story of the piece is about a woman who journeyed to see the Icelandic landscape to sew herself back together through, out of heartbreak, towards transcendence and empowerment. All the landscapes that you see in the piece are actual landscape scans of the sets that we shot in Black Lake. They‘re meaningful scans, they‘re not just any Icelandic environments…

“You‘ll be travelling inside an embroidered piece designed by James Merry that‘s kind of like your magic carpet taking you through the world,” he notes. “We got actual motion-capture of Björk, so her presence is there in the piece.”

The Björk Digital exhibition is currently running at the DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art in Montreal until 12th November.

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