ABBA is Being Brought to VR For 2018 By Universal Music and Simon Fuller

This is retro euro music heaven right now as entrepreneur Simon Fuller has decided to take a chance with Universal Music to bring ABBA to virtual reality (VR) for 2018.

If you don’t know who Simon Fuller is, there is still a great chance that you have been impacted by his work as he managed the Spice Girls and brought the Idol franchise to life. Now his next venture is to bring ABBA to VR, but there aren’t too many details as to how exactly this will be happening – there are, however, many teasing statements.


Simon Fuller said: “Having seen over the past few months the creativity and ideas flowing from the members of ABBA, it fills me with great excitement.

“This new technological world we are exploring, with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence at the forefront, allows us to create entertainment and new content in ways that could never previously have been imagined.”

Benny Andersson of ABBA also commented: “We’re inspired by the limitless possibilities of what the future holds and are loving being a part of creating something new and dramatic here.”

You could say that the aim of this is money money money, but fans will just be thankful for the music coming to VR, especially as the reunion of the band will be taking place next year.

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