XING: The Land Beyond Confirmed for HTC Vive

White Lotus Interactive first revealed XING: The Land Beyond as a virtual reality (VR) title way back in 2014. Since then the studio has confirmed support for both the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). Today the team has announced that XING: The Land Beyond will also be coming to HTC Vive as well.

XING: The Land Beyond is a first-person puzzle adventure where players are transported to XING, an afterlife where secrets must be uncovered to find out the truth about why you’re there and who you are. Whilst exploring the environment- based puzzles encountered, you will require powers and abilities gained along the way to solve them, such as rain and snow.

Commenting on the VR side of the development James Steininger, Co-founder, White Lotus Interactive said: “Recent playthroughs of the game run around 8-12 hours, so get ready for a lengthy VR adventure with lots of puzzle solving, exploration, and the joy of lighting durians on fire (without the smell). There may also be some extra secrets to be found for especially adventurous players.

“In regard to VR and XING: The Land Beyond in general, we have tried to be both pioneering and responsible. While wanting to put out a game and experience that inspires a new generation of VR gamers, we also want to put out a game that is true to our original mission.”

With the new implementation of the HTC Vive and its motion controllers Steininger added: “Another bonus with motion controllers is that we can allow the player to hold one object in each hand, whereas on gamepad or on mouse and keyboard the player would only be able to hold one object at a time. So while learning to juggle durians may not be the best approach to solving puzzles, it is totalling possible with motion controllers, and no, the game will not judge your juggling skills.”

White Lotus Interactive hasn’t yet confirmed a release date for any of the available platforms, but as we learn more VRFocus will keep you updated.