Win an Oculus Rift in Sketchfab’s VR Movie Contest

Online portal Sketchfab, allows 3D model and content creators to showcase their work and today its announced a new contest called Lights, Camera, Immersion! Sketchfab is looking for artists to create immersive movie scenes that can be viewed in virtual reality (VR) with three prize categories.

The task is to recreate any iconic movie scene however you wish, it doesn’t matter if its an animated film or live-action, the scene itself can also be animated or a still. The only requirement is that the scene needs to be an immersive environment.

Choose any style you like – it doesn’t need to be photo realistic – but Sketchfab does state: “Don’t submit models that are only an object, character or diorama.”

There are over $2500 USD prizes available so it’s worth entering. The prize break down is as follows:

1st place

$599 Oculus Rift

$150 Netflix Credit

$120 A Year of Sketchfab Pro

Sketchfab Hoodie

3 Sketchfab Cardboard VR Viewers to give to your friends (as you’ll already have an Oculus Rift


2nd place

$200 LCD Movie projector

$90 Netflix Gift Card

$60 Six months of Sketchfab Pro

2 Sketchfab Cardboard VR Viewers

Sketchfab T-Shirt

3rd place

$40 Movie snack box

$60 Netflix Gift Card

$60 Six months of Sketchfab Pro

1 Sketchfab Cardboard VR Viewers

Sketchfab T-Shirt

Content creators can submit as many entries as they like, but it can only be new work and the deadline is Thursday, 13th October 23:59 ET. For details of how to enter head to the contest page, and VRFocus will keep you updated on the competitions progress.