We Will Experience Better Visuals For VR With PlayStation 4 Pro, According to Playroom VR Creative Director

It could be argued that not much has really changed when it comes to PlayStation 4 Pro compared to the original PlayStation 4, especially when it comes to the effect it has on PlayStation VR. However, it has been reported that the Creative Director of Playroom VR has contested otherwise due to the increased frames per second (FPS) and improved quality of rendering.

In a report by Play3, a German online publication, it was reported that Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director of Playroom VR, it was shared that due to the higher and generally better resolution that the PlayStation 4 Pro will showcase, the corners and edges of objects that are approached usually won’t have the jagged edges that are often experiences, but instead it will will appear much sharper.

Playroom VR: Monster Escape key art

“With the PS4 Pro, we are able to bring all of that to a maximum. We can use [in relation to the rendering resolution] 120 frames per second or higher graphics. And we had the feeling that the [enhanced] Vector is to continuous way, since the effect is immediately visible,” said Doucet in the report.

Priced at £349 (GBP), the PlayStation Pro will be available from the 10th November of this year, so you can put it up to the test yourself when the launch approaches. The PlayStation 4 Pro has increased its power when it comes to the processor, storage size, and considerably with its 4K graphics.

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