WaterAid Follows a Nepalese Plumber As He Restores His Country Following Nepal’s Earthquake Last Year

There have been a couple of virtual reality (VR) experiences that concentrate on the tragic events that happened last year in Nepal regarding the earthquake that devastated the country, including one that concentrates on how children’s schooling had been effected. Now, the charity WaterAid has produced a video where you can see how the water system had been damaged.

Aftershock, the name of this experience, is based in the village of Kharelthok where you can follow plumber Krishna Sunuwar who is repairing the community’s damaged water system. In this experience you can take in as close as you can get to a first-hand account of the tragic consequences, where you can look around at crumbling surroundings and take in how hard the community has to work to restore their land.

nepal wateraid

WaterAid film producer Catherine Feltham said: “Virtual reality gives us the opportunity to take people closer to our work than ever previously possible.  By using this new medium we hope to engage supporters in the reality of where we work and the challenges we face as well as inspire them by proudly showing how we work alongside fantastic community members and project partners.  The beauty of this medium is that it allows the viewer to be fully immersed and we look forward to seeing the reactions of people all over the world as they are transported to Kharelthok.”

The experience is available right now for Google Cardboard viewers on the Google Play store, and it is soon coming to the Samsung Gear VR. You can watch the trailer below for the experience.

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