Wadup Games Claim to Solve VR Walking in 69 Ways To Kill a Zombie

Movement in virtual reality (VR) first-person videogames has always been a contentious issue. There are several different types available, with some developers sticking with traditional movement methods while others have utilised teleportation to move players around, minimising simulator sickness. Wadup Games with the release of 69 Ways To Kill a Zombie has come up with a new method of walking for its HTC Vive title.

69 Ways To Kill a Zombie is a first-person shooter (FPS) that takes its design inspiration from videogames like Minecraft. Launched on Steam Early Access this weekend it supports seated, standing and Room-Scale gameplay options. Currently featuring three playable maps Wadup Games has filled 69 Ways To Kill a Zombie with over 60 weapons to choose from, from guns and explosives, to traps, swords, bows, spears there’s something for everyone, and duel wielding is supported to.

69 Ways To Kill a Zombie - night

But its the movement system that will have a lot of players intrigued. Aiming to emulate a more natural method of walking around – just like most people seem to do – movement is handled by swinging your arms. It’s a novel approach to moving through a level which may or may not suit some players.

As it’s in early access 69 Ways To Kill a Zombie still has further development to go, with more environments, weaponry and items to interact with still to be included. The studio plans to fully launch the title in October 2016 with no change in its current price of £14.99 GBP.

As progress continues VRFocus will report back with any further updates.