VRFocus Virtual Reality Challenge: Let’s See Who is in the Running

Right now we are two hours into VRFocus’ VR Challenge, and there is no ambiguity surrounding the challenge bit, especially for attendees who are programming for the chance to win an HTC Vive. Looking around the room there is no shortage of creativity, and each person has come with a way to influence the game jam in a unique way – whether it is by music, colour, or narrative.

As you can see in the opening speech that was broadcast live earlier today at around 1:30pm BST (courtesy of Virtual Umbrella), our Community Manager, Kevin Eva, shared that the theme to this game jam is “a safe pair of hands”. This can be interpreted in any which way the groups desire for an HTC Vive application, and over the next 48 hours we shall see how it turns out.


The groups who are competing for the free HTC Vives are:

Virtually Done: Anna Stoilova, Morgan Page, Sean Gorman

Supraliminal: Billy Mansell, David Matthewson, Josh Saunders

Catastrophe: Mark Bailey, Mat Burri, Jan Kaniewski

Group D (casually known as Team Deadly): Jing Tan, Daniel Poulsen, Omar Mohamed Ali Mudhir

Currently present to help mentor each of these groups is Bradley Hester from Cherry Pop Games, who has worked on the studio’s flagship VR title Pool Nation VR, and Russ Earwaker of Climax Studios, who has specialised in VR for the last two years. This won’t be just it as there will be more mentors to come tomorrow, just as it says in the Meet The Mentors post that was shared a couple of days ago.

VRFocus will be reporting on the progress of each of the groups as they work through the last 22 hours that they have to have a chance, so stick around for some video interviews with the jammers and mentors, as well as all the news and updates in the world of VR.