VR is to Help the Transformation of a North Carolina Prison Into an Educational Farm Center

There’s been a fair bit about farms tonight after the story on farmers using augmented reality (AR) in order to better the efficiency of their work, but here’s one more just to really drill it in that virtual reality (VR) and farming clearly go hand in hand. A North Carolina correction facility is to be made into a farm and education center, and VR is the main ingredient in getting it there.

According the a report by the Laurinburg Exchange, Duke University Libraries received just over $50k (USD) and part of it has gone to students and GrowingChange, an organisation for troubled youths, to help visualise what this project will actually end up looking like using VR.

prison farm vr

Noran Sanford, founder and director of GrowingChange, said: “Just as our youth leaders have re-visualized their life, virtual reality allows them to share a new vision for Scotland, Hoke and Robeson counties — home of North Carolina’s highest unemployment, poverty and violent crime rates and the worst health outcomes.”

The way in which this will be carried out is through Durham’s Lucid Dream, a VR production studio who will be giving training and technical support throughout this experience.

When the project is completed it will be used as a travelling exhibit to share with state leaders, supporters, and the public.

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