VR Experiences Could Be Created in the Cloud Plans Dell

Whether you’re a virtual reality (VR) developer or just a VR enthusiast who enjoys exploring the latest immersive experiences, one thing is certain for PC-based VR you’ll need a high-end rig. But it seems as if computing giant Dell sees another way – for developers at least – to make use of the cloud for VR content creation.

Dell wants developers to be able to utilise the power of the cloud by releasing new products suited to the task, alongside adding mobility and security. One of the ways Dell plans to do this is with ‘thin clients’, reports PCWorld.com. Thin clients are products that run software and apps on remote servers, these then have the GPU power to create and run VR experiences.


“Virtual reality is an interesting market, and Dell will have products to talk about in the future”, said Jeff McNaught, executive director of cloud client computing at Dell. These could include the recently released Latitude E7270 Wyse mobile thin client which has an Intel 6th Generation Core i5 processor, integrated graphics, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD and a 14-inch HD (1366 x 768) anti-glare display.

Companies are moving more and more date over to the cloud as they require flexibility and more computing power at reasonable costs. For VR developers creating VR software on the cloud would mean all their data is on secure servers and employees using multiple thin clients would be able to access data wherever they are, helping collaboration.

Dell’s thin client portfolio comes by way of Wyse Technology, which was acquired in 2012. It currently sells thin clients with either ThinOS, a proprietary Wyse OS, Windows or Linux operating systems.

Outside of VR content creation Dell also heavily supports VR gaming will several VR-ready PC’s and laptops through its Alienware division. Yesterday VRFocus reported on the Alienware 15 and Alienware 17 laptops now being available to pre-order. They both feature NVIDIA’s latest 10-series graphics cards which have been created to offer enough GPU power to run VR headsets.

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