VR Desktop App LightVR Lets You Interact With Both the Virtual and Real World

There has been a considerable increase in the number of desktop virtual reality (VR) applications, but it is hard to find one that makes sense and has a clean enough set up for comfortable usage. MyDream Interactive Inc. has now taken on this challenge with the development of LightVR which released a couple days ago.

It is hard to make sure these types of programs are distinct when compared to other similar ones, and LightVR’s USP is that users can engage with both virtual and real-world environments. Okay, it isn’t as fully integrated as what has been described, but it can be according to the customisations of the user as they organise the virtual world to that of their physical one. So, this means that regardless of the physical environment around you, you will be able to use it as you will be fully aware of what is going on around you. There are some unrealistic examples given such as users being able to try it out on a beach or crowded train, but you get the idea.

lightvr screenshot

To immerse the user more so there is also a blended reality engine integrated, so that the user can use a gesture activated pass-through for easier typing,  the ability to find things on your desk, and most importantly the avoidance of tripping on the Vive cable.

This application is currently in Early Access as there are still more features to be added, but is currently available at a discounted price of £7.51 (GBP), 29% less than the original price of £10.59. Prices will increase at official launch.

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