VR Can Be Used For Safety Training Against Mass Shootings With Human Condition Safety’s SurviVR

We don’t often get to talk about current affairs, but this one application is a result of the very real dangers that threaten the world on now a day to day basis with gun attacks happening frequently, from hostage situations to mass shootings. Human Condition Safety has created SurviVR, which acts as a means to train civilians on how to protect themselves against these situations.

SurviVR puts users into an environment where they experience a shooting, but in the way that it will teach you survival skills – rather than give you PTSD. It is explained that it will bring up the right amount of emotions to create a highly realistic scenario where your behaviour changes and naturally reacts to what is happening. Rather than freeze, it is hoped that users will learn to react in a safer way.

(PRNewsFoto/Human Condition Safety)

“Traditional training was developed in the 1970s, for drive-by shootings,” said Peter E. Raymond, Chief Executive Officer of Human Condition Safety, in a press release.  “Those response methods–to lock the door and hide– simply don’t work in the shooting, hostage, and terrorist situations we have today; in fact, they can get you killed. It’s important to understand how to respond in a way that maximizes your chance of staying safe.”

It’s not only the company themselves who are raving about it, but also those who have worked in some of the top organisations who deal with combat and safety: “The goal of this product, simply put, is to save lives,” says Brian A. Higgins, a law enforcement and security consultant to public safety agencies and international corporations, and former SWAT Commander. “It’s impressive and effective.”

It is hoped that in the future when more shooting incidents inevitably happen – particularly in the US – that having more people prepared will result in better outcomes.

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