VirZOOM Announces VR PC Gamepad Emulator For Titles Such as EVE: Valkyrie, Project Cars & Radial G

For some of the top virtual reality (VR) videogames on the PC it all comes down to how well the controls work, but VirZOOM has decided it’s more about how the controls work you now that there is a gamepad emulator available for some of the biggest VR titles to come out.

You can now cycle your way through EVE: Valkyrie, Project Cars VR, Omega Agent, Time Machine VR, and Radial G with VirZOOM, the stationary bike VR motion controller, and it is available for free right now on the Steam Store.

VirZOOM Controller

“VirZOOM is pleased to expand its suite of VR exercise games through the VirZOOM gamepad emulator. VirZOOM customers can play their favourite motion intensive game VR titles and get fit doing it,” said Co-founder and CEO Eric Janszen in a press release. “By sharing their VR game emulator files on Steam, VirZOOM customers crowd source a growing library of 3rd party VirZOOM titles. Over time hundreds of VR titles can be available to VirZOOM customers via the emulator.”

Although this is a motion controller that is often used for exercise applications and videogames, and rightly so, you can now instead power your flying or driving vehicles through regular videogames. This isn’t just for the games mentioned above as the VirZOOM SDK is available to everyone for free to create more VirZOOM-enabled titles.

“The emulator allows you to map all the sensors of the VZ bike, including accurate speed sensing, 10 buttons, and lean information from your VR headset into joystick and keyboard inputs to drive your favourite VR and video games,” said VirZOOM Co-founder and CTO Eric Malafeew.

VirZOOM is aiming to launch on a mass retail scale on the 1st November of this year, and it will be available for $399.95, and there is still talk of further exercise-based VR game development.

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