Upcoming Space Pirate Trainer Beta Update Release Date Revealed

Last month developer I-Illusions revealed an upcoming beta update for its virtual reality (VR) title Space Pirate Trainer. In a posting via its Steam page the studio detailed new weapons power-ups and more would be added to the title, but didn’t divulge when it would be available. Now the release date has been announced, next Wednesday 14th, September 2016.

New features and improvements coming to the title include better gameplay and graphics, new weapons, new enemies, more powerups and sound improvements.

Space Pirate Trainer image 1

Added to the weapon roster will be an Ion Grenade Launcher, Shotworks and the Voltron. The Voltron is a melee weapon that includes a plasma link mode. This enables players to grab and pull droids towards them making them easier to shoot, or simply smash them into the environment. The Voltron can also redirect pulse lasers back to their origin. The new enemies will be a Scout and a Heavy droid, while the powerups will include a machine gun, shield, missiles, gravity field and homing bullets.

Players will also be able to select waves, enjoy a party mode, and for those that like a challenge there’s hardcore mode. One of the main differences in hardcore mode will be the exclusion of bullet time which usually kicks in when players are getting swarmed by enemies.

Space Pirate Trainer is currently in Steam Early Access for HTC Vive with a retail price of £10.99 GBP

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