This Week in VR Sport: Stepping into NBA Players’ Shoes at Home and on the Court

It seems as though the spotlight for virtual reality (VR) sport applications this week is shining on basketball, as there are two different ways for fans of the sport to immerse themselves into the sport this week.

Basketball Player Lou Amundson Looks Into Creating NBA VR Game

The basketball player who previously played for the New york Nicks in the National Basketball Association (NBA) has been reportedly talking of creating an NBA fan experience where you can step into his shoes and experience his life.


“I get asked all the time, ‘What is it like to be an NBA player?’” he said in the report by National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). “So I thought it would be interesting to actually show people, like put them in my shoes, put them in an NBA player’s shoes, and they’d get to experience more or less what it’s like to be an NBA player. It can be a powerful experience to actually show them and be there in that experience. And people love authentic content; people love stuff that they know is like a voyeuristic view into someone else’s life.”

Shoot Some Hoops in Nothin’ But Net Demo Out For HTC Vive

This week saw the addition of Nothin’ But Net to the Steam Store for the HTC Vive, but at this time it is only a demo, with the full title to come out at a later date.

nothin' but net

Nothin’ But Net is a multiplayer basketball simulation where you can compete against your friends online, or even practice by yourself offline. As well as these two modes, where you can master realistic dribbling, shooting, and balancing, you can even listen to your own music throughout the videogame in the Steam Music Player to get you in the zone.

The basketball title is out right now as a free demo, and it isn’t clear when the title will advance as a full title.

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