SteamHammerVR Relaunches on Kickstarter, Includes Steam Preview Demo

Back in May developer GamestormVR sought Steam Greenlight support for its virtual reality (VR) title SteamHammerVR. The title was Greenlit and then in June the team launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to support the project but was unsuccessful. Undeterred GamestormVR has relaunched the funding campaign and with it released a demo for gamers to try.

The Kickstarter campaign is seeking the same funding goal as before, £40,000 GBP, with the funding tiers offering various incentives including a SteamHammer London Tour 1892 t-shirt and limited edition numbered prints available. To secure a copy of the videogame backers will need to choose the £15 funding tier or above.

SteamHammerVR - Pub Image

Aiding in its efforts to secure more funding support for SteamHammerVR, GamestormVR has released a preview demo via Steam, compatible with the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). The demo starts players off in the command centre of Doctor Obadiah Springhorn, the Airship ‘Horndenburg’. From here all the weaponry that’ll be available in the main videogame are visible with the demo giving access to the Steam Hammer, the Steam Cannon, and the Magnet Beam.

SteamHammerVR is set in a Steampunk style world of Victorian London putting steam powered weaponry in the hands of players. They must face the animal-based automated enemies of Professor Rattwurm who wishes to enslave England with his clockwork creations, ranging from rats, to lions and even a steam Kraken. At players disposal are a range of steam themed weapons, from the titular Steam Hammer in the demo to the Rotor Hammer, Rotor Saw and Tesla Ray.

GamestormVR is aiming for a release date of 9th December 2016 for HTC Vive. The studio also plans to support PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, but this does depend on access to the necessary hardware.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of SteamHammerVR, reporting back with any further updates to the funding campaign.