Starbreeze and Lionsgate to Bring John Wick Chronicles to NY Comic Con Next Month

Before today the most that we had heard about the John Wick virtual reality (VR) episodes was that the first episode had been renamed and that screenshots had been released to show it off. From then until now it is clear that a lot has been put into the series as Lionsgate and Starbreeze are both bringing it to this year’s Comic Con in New York.

What those who will be attending Comic Con will be trying out is a seven minute preview of the first mission of the HTC Vive title, John Wick Chronicles: An Eye for an Eye which will be at the exclusively John Wick stand at the event.

John Wick art

There will also be a smaller version of the title, John Wick Chronicles: Arcade Edition, which will premiere on the StarVR head-mounted display (HMD) at its first IMAX VR Center to be opened later this year in Los Angeles. As well as this, there will be additional DLCs that is to “be announced soon”.

In the John Wick Chronicles, created by Lionsgate and Starbreeze in collaboration with Grab Games, Big Red Button, and GameCo, players can expect to “explore the iconic Continental Hotel and are tasked with assassinating seemingly unbeatable targets that only John Wick himself could handle.”

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