Squanchtendo Announces First VR Title Accounting for HTC Vive

There’s been quite a lot of focus on PlayStation VR today, with Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (SIEJA) holding a PlayStation Press Conference in Japan. So to give HTC Vive owners some interesting news, indie developers Squanchtendo and Crows Crows Crows have announced virtual reality (VR) title Accounting.

While the title conjures up images of spread sheets, endless stacks of files and paper, and tax returns, one look at the Accounting trailer will tell you that’s definitely not what’s in store for players. While actual gameplay mechanics and storyline haven’t been fully detailed, players do seem to start off in a drab accountancy office before putting on a headset transporting them to a weird and wonderful world where dark humour and strong language prevail.


But that’s not surprising when you know who’s behind Accounting. Squanchtendo has only recently been setup – VRFocus reported on the announcement late last month – by Justin Roiland, Co-creator of Rick and Morty and voice actor for both Rick and Morty alongside Tanya Watson,  a “game veteran” who has worked on the Gears of War series, Bullet Storm, and Fortnite. While Crows Crows Crows another new studio, was form by William Pugh the designer behind IGF Winning Game: The Stanley Parable, Dominik Johann, Jack de Quidt, and Sean O’Dowd.

Accounting will launch later this month on Steam completely free of charge. As always when VRFocus learns any further details about Accounting we’ll let you know.