Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Says PlayStation VR Will Benefit From PlayStation Pro, and Shares His Favourite Titles

There has been a mixed feeling since the release of the PlayStation Pro the week before Tokyo Game Show (TGS) started, but there has been little comment on the reveal of it, as well as on its overall benefits for PlayStation VR. Now Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has shared what he thinks about it all, as well as his favourite PlayStation VR titles.

When asked by Dangeki Online, a Japanese games news website, what he thought of the effect and benefit of PlayStation Pro’s HDR quality, and in Shuhei Yoshida’s answer there was a lot of concentration on PlayStation VR. Keeping in mind this is a japanese website and that the translation can only be so accurate, Yoshida said that PlayStation VR will benefit from the crispness that will be added, and that things such as lighting without the increase of resolution would make it look “more beautiful”.


When it comes to his own recommended PlayStation VR titles, Yoshida has it all ranked up. When it comes to experiencing characters really being there, Yoshida mentions that of Idolmaster, but what he really recommends is Summer Lesson – this is all due to the presence and feeling like you’re really there.

A title that Yoshida also listed for a similar reason to Summer Lesson is PlayStation VR Worlds – in particular he enjoyed Ocean Descent and The London Heist. He describes it as the “perfect entertainment”.

RIGS_E3 (2)

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is another favourite. What this title does for Yoshida is allows players to enjoy it for a long amount of time, and it translates well as an e-sport online shooter for that reason. Similarly, The Playroom VR is “unique” as it is great for those who aren’t completely invested in VR to get it free of charge.

Lastly, V! What Did I do to Deserve This, My Lord? R, according to the Sony boss, certainly impressed him. “I thought “This is it!” The moment I saw the prototype.”

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