Sony Won’t Make Mobile VR Headsets But Will Show VR Films

The PlayStation VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is primairly about games. It’s Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SCE’s) main focus with the device, with a host of titles ready for launch next month. But VR in general is about much more than just games, with the technology already encompassing movies, TV and even comic books. Will Sony itself start to encompass these other areas of VR? It certainly seems so.

Speaking to Forbes, SIE CEO Andrew House confirmed that, eventually, PlayStation VR will grow to support movies. “We are talking about years into the future, but these are interesting conversations to start having now,” House said of VR content beyond games.


SIE is also seeking “ways of bringing much more static experiences to life” including areas like museums and planetariums, according to the CEO.

House comments are clearly referring to more high-profile and long-form VR movie content. Earlier this week at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show (TGS) in Japan for confirmed that it would be bringing VR movies to PlayStation VR, showing content like Baobab Studio’s Invasion! and Penrose Studios’ Allumette. Some movie content is coming to PlayStation VR, then, but it might be some time before high-profile

What SIE won’t be doing, however, is building its own mobile-based HMD, similar to the Gear VR or upcoming Google Daydream headsets. “We are focused on great gaming VR experiences,” House continued. “I haven’t seen a cellphone or mobile-based VR experience that really gets our content teams excited.” That seems to suggest that Sony won’t be making its own mobile-based HMD right now, which is a shame considering it already has its own smartphones and even teased the possibility of using them with VR last year.

So no mobile VR headset from SIE, but VR movies will be coming further down the road. VRFocus looks forward to their arrival, and will keep you updated in their progress.