Sony Opening Up PlayStation VR Pre-orders For the Last Time in Japan

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) held its 2016 Japanese PlayStation Press Conference this morning and the event held a few surprises in store for media and fans alike. Amongst all the PlayStation 4 videogames being revealed there was good new for Japanese fans of PlayStation VR, with details on new titles and one last opportunity to pre-order the head-mounted display (HMD).

Atsushi Morita, President, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (SIEJA), hosted the event, and announced that the company would be opening up additional reservations for PlayStation VR. The pre-orders will go live on 24th September 2016, and Morita pointed out that this would be the last opportunity for customers to secure a headset before launch on 13th October.


The SIEJA President also said that the number of stores that’ll accept reservations has been increased to 200. He didn’t say how many PlayStation VR’s would be available, but with worldwide pre-orders selling out continuously there probably won’t be enough to satisfy demand.

There’s just over four weeks to go until the PlayStation VR HMD finally gets shipped to eager customers. Along with its launch next month, SIE recently announced two new consoles at its PlayStation Meeting in New York. Both the PlayStation 4 Slim and the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro were announced, giving customers even more choice and all compatible with PlayStation VR, and which VRFocus has created a guide to.

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