Slurp Up Ramen Noodles and Get Smitten With AR Anime Girls With Nissin

Have you ever felt lonely while opening up your pack of Ramen noodles and thought “I would love a girl to be here with me right now”? Well, many Japanese people have as this is the next augmented reality (AR) fad that has come about with Nissin Noodles.

The main tagline for marketing these noodles is “five minutes in hot water, three minutes to eat, eight minutes to seriously fall in love”. Depending on which type of noodles you buy from Nissin Noodles, you can have one of the girls pictured below appear to sit in front of you using your phone and the application that comes along with it.

ramen noodles ar anime girls roah

According to the time you should spend making the noodles, the girls are programmed to recite lines so it will appear as though they are striking up conversation with you while you enjoy your noodles.

There are five different flavours, and therefore five different girls. From left to right according to the picture above, Hatsumi Mendo is the roast pork and soy sauce flavour, and she is a fourth-year university student who has just finished job hunting, and can be firm but also caring towards her sisters. Minami Mendo is pale broth chicken and salt, and she is a 17-year-old second year high school student. She shows signs of being tough as a typical tsundere (harsh but soft) character.

The next two are twins, Karute and Shino Mendo, who are thick fatty tuna tonkotsu and seafood tonkotsu with soy sauce. They are both 15. Karute is emotional, and Shino has two sides to her personality. Finally, there is the more suitably aged Tsuhumi Mendo, who is fragrant rich miso. She is curvy but has firm morals.

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