Search For Clues to Discover the Scary Truths of the Blair Witch in VR Advertising Experience

There’s nothing like a good horror, and one of the modern classics, the Blair Witch Project, is getting a sequel on 16th September. Along with the advertising of this release, there is also a virtual reality (VR) teaser experience where we are put into the famous setting that freaked us all out in the late 90s.

You are surrounded by trees in the iconic woodlands where the stickmen populated and terrorised the students who took it upon themselves to search out the mysteries of the Blair Witch. While looking around with either your Google Cardboard or just clicking around using desktop 360, you come across hotspots where you can hover over and discover the next piece of the teaser story. As you advance through the stages of the forest, you are surrounded by screams, bloody scenes, and the iconic stickmen that miraculously appear out of nowhere. When you have made your way through each of the stages you are then given the treat of watching the official trailer.

blair witch project 360 ad

This 360 experience is not only available online on its official website, but it is also featured alongside Sisters, a Google Cardboard horror title that lets players experience a terrifying ghost mystery. It features very similar narrative and gameplay to the Blair Witch Project experience which is indeed a kind of relevant advertising attempt where players aren’t too interrupted by ads as we traditionally are.

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