Rising From the Ashes Grave Brings Open World Horror to VR

During the course of 2014 to 2015 VRFocus reported on an open world survival horror experience called Grave. The videogame is the creation of indie developer Broken Window Studios, originally starting life as a successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, before moving onto be Greenlit on Steam. But both of these occurred in 2014, and the last time any specific details were released on Grave were back in early 2015. But now those interested in the title’s concept will be happy to hear Grave is still in production and there’s a virtual reality (VR) version still planned.

VRFocus previewed Grave all the way back in 2014, showing promise as an early Oculus Rift title. But a lot has happened in two years for the VR industry, massively growing with hundreds of developers coming onboard and the consumer hardware being released.

Grave screenshot 1

While Grave was originally created with just consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in mind, VR was added as an interesting feature due to the technology’s re-emergence as a videogame platform. Now that VR has cemented a much firmer foothold Broken Window Studios has updated Grave to follow suit.

The VR version has been reworked so that it now supports HTC Vive’s Room Scale technology, but the studio hasn’t forgot the Oculus Rift as it is looking at Oculus Touch as a potential platform. Broken Window Studios has also said that there’s a possibility of a PlayStation VR version in the future to.

A desolate horror experience set in an arid surreal desert that’s procedurally generated, in Grave you must explore to survive but do it before it gets dark. The videogame’s locations fluctuate in and out of reality with strange apparitions appearing during the day. Nightfall brings out the monsters which will hunt you until dawn comes. In a similar fashion to Alan Wake, Grave’s most useful resource is light, wielding it through flashlights, matches and other items will keep you alive.

Several new screenshots can be seen below and when VRFocus learns more about Grave we’ll let you know.

Grave screenshot 2 Grave screenshot 3 Grave screenshot 4