Return Zero VR Races onto Steam Tomorrow

In early August VRFocus reported on Portuguese developer Ground Control Studios releasing its virtual reality (VR) videogame, Return Zero VR on iOS and Android for use with Google Cardboard style head-mounted displays (HMDs). The title was then due to launch on Steam for Oculus Rift the same month but got delayed. Now the studio has confirmed the Steam release will happen tomorrow.

Along with the Oculus Rift launch tomorrow Return Zero VR will also be updated for its current available platforms. Among the new features and improvements Ground Control Studios will be adding the title will now get procedurally generated racetracks and the ability for the tracks to change and shift mid race. The studio has also stated that in the next update support will be added for HTC Vive, although no date has yet been given.

The team also expects to add more features and more elements to the game in the future: “It all boils down to adoption,” said Rui Guedes, Lead Game-Designer. “Return Zero VR is a complete game and it is being released as such, but that does not mean we cannot change a couple of details to make it better and more enjoyable to players. There’s always something you can improve on a game such as this. How deep those improvements will go only depends on player response and feedback.”

Return Zero VR is a psychedelic tunnel-racer that has been inspired by 80’s videogames and movies, such as Tron. Players take control of a high speed spacecraft that hurtles down a series of neon lit tracks that feature speed up markers and walls to avoid. Controls are purely gaze-based, simply look in the direction you wish to head.

As Ground Control Studios releases further info on Return Zero VR and future projects, VRFocus will keep you updated.