Reload Studios Reveal Two Female Characters For World War Toons

Coming to PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift is first-person shooter (FPS) World War Toons from Reload Studios. The team revealed in a blog posting this week that two new characters will be added to the line-up, both of them female and both of them snipers.

Coming from Russia on the Allied side is Russian Olga Sniperova and from Austria there’s Adele Weiss.

Explaining the inspiration behind the characters Reload Studios commented: “Our CEO James wanted to create characters inspired by deadly real life female snipers from Russia, such as Lyudmila Pavlichenko. James recalled reading about her defeat of 36 other snipers, and knew that she would be a fantastic person to take inspiration from. It was also important to him that we expand the Allied and Axis rosters into nations beyond America and Germany, so her Russian background fit perfectly.”

While no particular gameplay attributes have been revealed Olga is described as ‘ cute on the outside and cold on the inside’ while Adele is the polar opposite, having a  ruthless exterior but a complete softy on the inside.

World War Toons will be launched for free for both head-mounted displays (HMDs) but PlayStation VR owners will get their hands on it first as the title is expected to be available on 13th October.

As further details are released on World War Toons, VRFocus will report back accordingly.