PlayStation 4 Pro Revealed at PlayStation Meeting 2016, VR Could be More Immersive

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is holding it PlayStation Meeting in New York City. The live-streamed event has been hotly anticipated with news expected on SIE’s latest PlayStation 4 hardware and software. Taking the stage, Mark Cerny,  Lead System Architect has now announced the PlayStation 4 Pro the official name for PlayStation Neo. As well as the name reveal Cerny unveiled some of the upgrades and VR implementation.

The new PlayStation 4 Pro will be focused on delivering 4K and HDR content, through doubling the power of the GPU and boosting the CPU clock rate. The console will also come with a 1 TB hard drive as standard and forward compatibility. On the virtual reality (VR) front for PlayStation VR Cerny stated: “Developers can choose to increase the crispness of the VR scenes, make special effects richer, or to offer higher frame rates to make VR more immersive.” SIE hasn’t yet revealed when the PlayStation 4 Pro will launch or the price at the time of writing.


The PlayStation VR headset is only a mere five weeks away from launch, its arrival makes it the last tethered headset to appear in 2016. As the only console-based HMD on the market all eyes will be looking to SIE and whether the launch will be a success. PC-based rivals HTC Vive and Oculus Rift were marred by inconsistent releases, with pre-order customers having to wait weeks or even months after their expected delivery date.

Its the cheapest headset out of the big three coming in at £349GBP / £399 USD, and retailers have reported quick sales of their allocated stock. There’s going to be plenty of launch titles available and SIE recently confirmed each PlayStation VR would come with a demo disc featuring eight titles.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of PlayStation VR at the PlayStation Meeting , reporting back with the latest announcements.