Play Basketball in Augmented Reality with HAOTU’s I Love Basketball

Augmented reality (AR) apps can be a get tool to teach and entertain both adults and children alike. Chinese developer Zhengzhou Tuyi Software Technology Company Limited has created its HAOTU app as a fun introductory experience to AR aimed at children. HAOTU is an interactive illustration colouring app that that allows kids to add colour to printed images then see them come to life. Adding a sporting element in to the videogame is the I Love Basketball option.  

The HAOTU app has a shop where the image of a basketball can be found to print out. Kids can then brainstorm how to create their own personalised basketball court and basketball with any colours they choose, which will be reproduced vividly AR.

Haotu App

After which players can then play a game of basketball challenging each with the goal of making as many three-point shots within 1 minute as possible.

To make I Love Basketball even more immersive, Zhengzhou Tuyi Software Technology Company Limited has included realistic sounds for when the ball hits the ground or cheers from the crowd when a shot is successfully sunk. There’s also a virtual reality (VR) mode if you happen to have a VR headset like Google Cardboard around.

Just download the HAOTU APP from Apple’s AppStore or Google Play Store to try it out. New content will also be added in the future including a chat feature to I Love Basketball so that friends can talk whilst playing the title.