Pixvana SPIN is a Cloud-Based VR Streamer Made with Valve and Akamai to Deliver High Quality Video

There are numerous live streaming virtual reality (VR) video streamers out there, but that isn’t what Pixvana is concerned about. Instead, it has created Pixvana SPIN, a streamer that will deliver better quality with reduced bandwidth, along with the Pixvana Publisher which will go hand in hand with the player.

By Q4 of this year Pixvana will have the technology ready for users to upload their content, put it in a playlist, and put it out there for people to view in most head-mounted display (HMD), including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR, but it will still take time for this platform to fully take off. Pixvana has made it easy for those who want to distribute their VR videos and has been likened to iTunes in terms of its interface: upload your piece, click a few buttons to make sure it is supported by the right HMD, then let the platform take care of the coding and preparation.


Just to get a sense of what Pixvana SPIN means for the world of VR streaming, representatives from both of Pixvana’s partners have given their accounts of it:

“Pixvana has shown the best-looking VR video we’ve seen to date,” said Valve’s Sean Jenkin. “An open standard for 360/FOVAS content which scales to high-quality VR headsets and lets creators of all sizes publish anywhere without requiring proprietary tools or formats is great for consumers and content creators and reflects Valve’s commitment to an open VR ecosystem. We look forward to making Pixvana’s technology and compatible content available on Steam.”

“Pixvana’s SPIN technology can maximize the user-perceived VR quality across a broad variety of headset and connectivity permutations,” said Troy Snyder, vice president/executive producer at Akamai. “The combination of SPIN-encoded output with Akamai’s globally distributed CDN capabilities offers joint customers an open-standards-based solution for streaming high-quality VR content to worldwide audiences.”

Forest Key, Co-Founder and CEO of Pixvana went on to say: “We call it ‘virtual reality,’ but often low resolution and harsh compression makes the video look so bad that it distracts the viewer from true immersion. Using FOVAS is like swapping your old standard definition set for a 4K TV. The goal is to deliver the ‘wow’ sense of presence to consumers that is the hallmark of VR.”

Now, this isn’t just a platform to stream your content for free as there is also going to be a chance for monetisation in time to come once the Publisher is released in early 2017. Until then, you can try out Pixvana SPIN Player on Steam as a tech preview from 7th October.

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