Out of Ammo in Arizona Sunshine? There’s More to Your Arsenal Than Bullets

Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine has been a showcase for the gallery shooter genre in virtual reality (VR) for some time now, but as the official launch approaches the developers are keen to reveal more information about the videogame. Next up? Put away those guns.

Arizona Sunshine gif

Grenades and throwing knives are two very different types of weaponry, and yet in Arizona Sunshine are the perfect compliment to your ballistic arsenal. If you find yourself surrounded you can use a grenade to deal with one direction and unload your guns in the other directions. Throwing a knife offers a less noisy opportunity to kill zombies, plus have the advantage of being immediately collectable: simply pull it out of the dead zombie and use again.

Furthermore, Vertigo Games has also revealed a new firearm: the sniper rifle. From the most recent official update, the studio offered the following:

“So grenades and knives are great when you are up close, and we know you love the idea of literally being in the middle of the action, blasting zombies to pieces. However, some of you may not want to get that close. Well, we have the weapon for you. Meet the sniper rifle. Look down your scope and calmly drop zombies from the safety of your sniper perch or hide site. Just remember, sometimes zombies run in packs, and the sniper rifle will not be enough. You might want to carry a grenade for safety.”

Arizona Sunshine gif

Vertigo Games has stated that all of these new weapons will work on a minimum specification PC, however has also updated Arizona Sunshine’s recommended specification to 16GB RAM as, according to the update, ‘it takes some horsepower to run these physics and particles at 90FPS’.

Arizona Sunshine is currently set for release later this year on HTC Vive and for Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch compatibility, and a PlayStation VR version has also been confirmed. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Arizona Sunshine and other forthcoming VR titles from Vertigo Games.