Oculus CEO Tries Out Futuretown 5D Totalmotion at TGS

Now that Tokyo Summer Show has come to a close, it is fair to say that there has been a fair amount of excitement to come from it regarding virtual reality (VR), whether it be good or bad press. A video has emerged where the CEO of Oculus is trying out the titles that were recently announced for Futuretown’s 5D Totalmotion.

Below is a video featured that puts together so many elements of the VR industry right now. Palmer Luckey? Check. A new and intriguing title with expensive accessories? Check. Crowds round it at an event talked about worldwide? Check. The tech and title that Luckey is trying out is Futuretown’s 5D Totalmotion which was recently reported on last week, and there’s no doubting that he was enjoying it.


You can see Luckey swing round while water skiing, following the line of balloons in Wave Breaker: Surf VR, to then dip down into the water which makes Palmer stop and smile while looking around the underwater life.

In partnership with InJoy Motion Corp., Formosoft, MitFun, RedStorm, and Woojer, Futuretown unveiled last week that the new hardware is designed to enhance a player’s emotional and physical responses by adding a heightened sense of realism to the VR experience – the 5D Totalmotion. Alongside its unveiling four supporting titles were revealed: Whiteout: Ski VR, Infinity Rider: Motorcycle VR, Wave Breaker: Surf VR, and Stallion Adventures: Horse Riding VR.

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