NVIDIA’s Desktop Gaming Optimiser GeForce Experience Receives Update

NVIDIA is never short of announcements and updates when it comes to its graphics cards and virtual reality (VR) experiences. Now, it has been announced that there is an updates to its GeForce Experience, which gives gamers that extra bit of ease when keeping their PC optimised for gaming – including VR.

As detailed in the video for the update, what GeForce Experience does is keep drivers up to date, automatically optimises game settings, and it allows users to capture and share their gaming moments. Now, with GeForce Experience 3.0 users can see a whole new load of changes. One of the updates is its redesign to make the experience faster – three times more with half the memory in fact – as well as an updated user interface and overlay.

geforce experience update

As well as this, there are also game-ready drivers which only require one click to install, automatic analysis of your specs to make sure it is optimised for the game you are playing, and you are also able to share screenshots, videos, and live streams on social media.

To take advantage of all that has been listed about the GeForce Experience 3.0, users can register with an account and download it directly to their desktops.

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