New Screenshots and Artwork for the Recently Revealed Gun Sight Released

On Wednesday VRFocus reported on Climax Studios unveiling its latest virtual reality (VR) project Gun Sight. Supporting Samsung Gear VR, the new videogame is the developers third VR title for the mobile head-mounted display (HMD). To wet your appetites for Gun Sight VRFocus has got several new screenshots and artwork to see what the new videogame is all about.

The first image is a screenshot directly from Gun Sight showcasing the player up against one giant – possibly a boss – enemy, whilst lots of small flying robots hover around the sky. The picture also indicates crates that could be used for cover and what look like items to pickup, most likely health or ammo.

Following on the next two images are highly detailed artworks for the videogame’s main character Colonel Jack ‘Knife’ Devers, last of the infamous War Dogs, who’s waging a one-man crusade to save the solar system from the robot hordes. More of those small flying robots feature in the third image, while the second has one giant robot, again most likely a boss to defeat.

The final two images are wide panoramic designs that show off some of the level ideas Climax Studios will be implementing. Vast city structures dot the landscape, all in various states of construction or disrepair.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Gun Sight, reporting back with any further announcements.

Gun Sight Screenshot 2

Gun Sight Keyart 1 Gun Sight Keyart 2 Gun Sight__PANO_01 Gun Sight_Colony_1