New Battlezone Screenshots Released

On Wednesday Battlezone developer Rebellion announced that the PlayStation VR title would support four-player online co-op as well as releasing a new trailer. To wet players appetites for the tank combat title even further the studio has also released several new screenshots.

The screenshots below showcasing some of the environments, enemies and extra polish Rebellion has added to the videogame since previous images were released. New enemies include Nemesis, a massive rolling war machine that’ll appear if players decide to take a long winding route through the campaign map. Not only does it possess destructive weaponry it can also give nearby enemies speed boosts and faster reloads to make progress even harder.

Not only has Rebellion revealed the four-player co-op and Nemesis Tank, there’s also the wide variety of upgrade options available to players, levelling the playing field. Tanks shields, health regen, weapons and more can all be tweaked to give that extra boost needed to complete a level, with hundreds of combinations to suit different gameplay styles.

Battlezone will be a day one launch title for PlayStation VR, and for all the latest updates from Rebellion, keep reading VRFocus.

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