nDreams Release First Patch for The Assembly

British virtual reality (VR) developer nDreams launched its first major title The Assembly back in July, and this week sees the first update for the videogame released alongside a limited time sale on Steam and Oculus Home.

The update, version 1.1.0, doesn’t add any new features or content its purely been released to improve The Assembly by ironing out bugs that players have come across. One of the biggest fixes has been where the videogame will crash if starting with SteamVR already working.

The Assembly - LAUNCH_FAMILY

For Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners who have been thinking about purchasing The Assembly, the title currently has a 33 percent discount available until 20th September across the VR and non-VR versions.

As nDreams further updates The Assembly VRFocus will keep you informed.

Patch 1.1.0 notes for The Assembly:


  • Fixed an issue where camera re-centre option from Oculus Home menu does not work.
  • Fixed an issues where the application will crash if starting the game with SteamVR already working.
  • Fixed an issue causing SteamVR to start when user starts the application in Non-VR mode.
  • Added Oculus runtime to the Steam version.

Global Audio + Subtitles

  • Fixed issues causing audio to fade when facing away from source.
  • Fixed issue causing dialogue to be attached to incorrect audio sources.
  • Fixed global issue causing subtitles from secondary dialogue to be displayed over primary.

Global Lighting

  • Fixed general lighting issue that makes Dossiers appear unlit.
  • Fixed general lighting issue that results in unlit desk draws.
  • Fixed general lighting issue that makes Doors appear unlit until the player interacts with them.
  • Fixed issue with floating light in the waiting rooms in Chapters 5 & 7.
  • Fixed issue where insides of drying ovens were unlit.

Global Graphical

  • Fixed streaming issue causing materials on Keypads to initially appear fuzzy.

Global UI

  • Fixed an issue where string references are being displayed when running on unsupported languages.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Snap Turn’ control setting was incorrectly being displayed.
  • Fixed issue that caused text to overrun its set boundary.
  • Fixed issue causing unlocalised or string references are appearing instead of subtitles.

Chapter 1

  • Fixed issue where tutorial prompt appears when player meets Chavez.

Chapter 2

  • Adjusted the movement blink volumes within Chapter 2, so player doesn’t have to lean forward so much to interact with the Phone.
  • Fixed Issue where wrong texture was applied to notepads
  • Fixed lighting issue where locker appeared black after picking up the keys.

Chapter 3

  • Fixed an issue that stopped progression on the maglev puzzle if player opens and closes the pause menu.

Chapter 5

  • Fixed Corrupt texturing on scientist’s face.

Chapter 6

  • Fixed a UI issue where Nakamura’s nameplate appears on the screen after she has taken the elevator.

Chapter 10

  • Added missing subtitles within the conversation with Adam.
  • Fixed issue where McCoy’s dialogue is muted compared to Ming.
  • Fixed audio processing on Cal’s audio so voice no longer has dramatic changes.
  • Removed incorrect dialogue triggering when interacting with transport terminal
  • Fixed issue where picking up dictaphone in Chavez’s lab causes no-existent bird to start squawking.
  • Fixed UI NPC name data for French and German languages – now displays the correct name.
  • Fixed an audio issue where dialogue within the conversations with Adam overlay or are cut-off, in both French and German languages.
  • Fixed collision to kennel, so the dog food doesn’t fall through to cage below.
  • Fixed general UI issue that caused MEMO Unit to report player has entered into the wrong room.
  • Fixed lighting issue where Director has strange lighting across his face.
  • Fixed minor graphical and collision issues.

Chapter 11

  • Fixed graphical issue enabling player to see into the torture room.
  • Fixed lighting issues on and around the MEMO box when player moves forwards/backwards.

Chapter 12

  • Fixed issue with Audio preference not being recognised in Chapter 12.