NBA Player Andre Drummond Used VR to Train His Brain For Better Free Throws

Virtual reality (VR) in sport has been used for a number of reasons, including playing videogames, using it to put your head in the game, or even to get behind the scenes access that you otherwise would have missed out on. NBA player for the Detroit Pistons, Andre Drummond, has been using it to better his skills when taking free throws.

It was reported that it let Drummond visualise himself making a free throw continuously. Drummond said in the AP report that it wasn’t necessarily his physical skills that were changed, but his mental ones: ”They recorded me shooting a ton of free throws, and obviously recorded the makes, and watching over and over again and just training my brain.


”When I tried it I ended up really liking it and stuck with it throughout the summer and I saw the progress,” Drummond said. ”It’s more of a mental thing, and with the VR, it’s more of a reinforcement, kind of training your mind to think positively all the time – even though you’re not going to make every shot, but you still have that thought process that you’re making shots.”

”I think that’s where I messed up last year, was setting a goal in my head,” he said. ”I think for me, it’s just not worrying about makes or misses, just really shooting the same shot over and over again.”

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