Minecraft’s Boss Update Allows Gear VR Owners to Use Xbox One Controllers

Getting world building title Minecraft on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR was a boon for both platforms as the videogame has a massive worldwide following. Next month developer Mojang will be releasing its next update, titled ‘Boss’, and Gear VR owners will get another bonus, compatibility with Xbox One controllers.

The one issue the Gear VR has had is that some videogames can only be played using a Bluetooth controller, and as one isn’t supplied there are various third-party options available such as the SteelSeries or Samsung’s own smartphone gamepad.

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But on 18th October Minecraft will launch the Boss update including the new Add-Ons feature and important for Gear VR owners, a controller update. This Xbox One gamepad update won’t allow you to use any old Xbox One controller that you might have lying around, its only for the latest version which has built-in Bluetooth support, basically the one that comes bundled with the new Xbox One S console.

The controller launched last month in white with a retail price of £49.99 GBP. This certainly makes it an attractive option for Gear VR owners who’ve been holding off buying a third-party product. In VRFocus’s Best Gamepads for Gear VR article in December 2015 we rated the SteelSeries Stratus XL as our current favourite, but with this update the Xbox One Controller with Bluetooth is likely to take its crown. There’s just one hurdle before it can do that, developers will need to add support to their titles first. Any newly released videogames on the platform will likely include that support from the off.

The Boss update also includes something for Oculus Rift as well, support for the upcoming Oculus Touch motion controllers. An official announcement on the controller launch date is expected at next weeks Oculus Connect 3 conference.

For further details on the Boss update head to the Mojang website, and keep reading VRFocus for all the latest Oculus updates.