Lineup Announced For Artistic VR Event Kaleidoscope

Last week VRFocus shared that there will be an event in the UK capital, Kaleidoscope Summer Showcase Vol. 1, which will concentrate on artistic virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) pieces. Now the lineup for the event has been revealed, and there will even be more events to come throughout the next year.

It was announced before that there are over 20 pieces to be showcased, and some that will be shown off are: Transition by Joost Jordens and Mike Von Rotz, which is described as a metaphor for death where you transition from one world into the next; Le Temps Perdu, created by Zohkar Kfir, where viewers can make their own film from a selection of particular narratives; and Drawing Room by Harm Van De Ven, Sara Kolster and Juul Spee, where viewers can discover the room and city they have created through the artists’ eyes.

kaleidoscope screen

“The quality of work in the Summer Showcase is remarkable and proves virtual reality is quickly evolving into a legitimate art form,” said Kaleidoscope co-founder René Pinnell. “We are thrilled to feature new projects from new creators, and to highlight the groundbreaking work of local pioneers in each city. And finally, we are thankful to our amazing Community Directors who invest their time and energy into organizing these Showcase events and fostering each city’s community of VR Creators.”

Kaleidoscope is looking to take similar strides to the likes of the TEDx initiative in the way that it will feature on a quarterly basis, run by a network of local community leaders all over the world including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Montréal, London, Berlin, Leipzig, Paris, Amsterdam, and Seoul, with more cities launching each quarter.

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